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The first collaboration between Yam and BREAD and the first iteration of the BREAD 4 BREAD program.


The Braid Beads


The mint colored millefiori beads are handmade, one by one and decorated with a white daisy pattern. They are produced out of a small studio in Murano Italy and sold by a family owned company in the US. Due to the handmade process each bead is unique in pattern and shape. 

What is millefiori?


Millefiori, an Italian word for "a thousand flowers" is a glass technique first documented in ancient Egypt and later mass produced in Italy during the 18th and 19th century. The process involves fusing layers of glass rods together to create a mosaic-like flower design. 


"There are two phrases my mom always told me: “It never hurts to ask” and “Always try. Even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll only end back where you started”. My mom wanted me to be independent, she wanted me to be a problem solver and be secure in exploring. I was very fortunate to have a mom as a young black girl who told me I could try and even if it didn’t work, it would be okay. It’s okay to ask questions and to find an alternative route.

This thought is very much the framework of Yam and informs the majority of my decisions."

- Morgan Thomas, The founder of Yam


"Before I even launched BREAD, I knew that I wanted this company to be more than just selling haircare products.

A driving force behind even going down the path of starting a business, was my desire to see more BIPOC women in the C-suite. Not just working behind the scenes, but owning and running their own brands. Brands that could go on to fuel their net worth, and in turn, help to build generational wealth.


Black women fuel the economic growth of the beauty and fashion industry. We want that economic value to flow back to them. So, BREAD 4 BREAD is our starting point. A way for us to give back in a manner that feels true to our brand.


There is no shortage of exceptional, phenomenal, and overlooked black talent across creative and business industries. But often, because of structures in place, they can be harder to find and are less likely to be spotlighted."

-Maeva Heim, the founder of BREAD



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